If you are an aspiring model or designer and would like to get your portfolio built up let's work together just contact me.

Hello ladies if you are an adult woman and want to get your bedroom making fire works give me a call to book a pleasure party called Behind Closed Doors... Food, Fun and More it will be on Sunday October 23,2011..5pm Call or email me for details
If you are an aspiring Model please contact me to join our test shoot.. Thanks for visiting.. We also are getting ready to roll out with a Behind Closed Doors Party..
Thanks for coming to my site..
Hello to all I hope you are visiting my website regularly and able to get great information. I hope you are also following me on Twitter and Facebook. I wish everyone a great and productive weekend!!!!
No time off even on Sunday I know as a business owner you should at least allow one day to rest but with Elegant Style still trying to network and gain new clients no time off. 
Went to Perimeter today to do a little shopping for my children comes people and opportunities to advertise and promote. With that being said of course I handed out fliers and business cards to get more business.
Today Sherelle and I went on another outing to Phipps Plaza and after we visited Market and networked to find there is light at the end of the tunnel. Word of the day "Network".
Today Imaginemeparties owner Sherelle Rodgers visited CEO cakes today and tried there new Strawberry Daiquiri, Margarita cupcakes today. They were very tasty..We did some some advertising done and CEO thanks for allowing us to leave our business cards..
Elegant Style teamed up with Imagine Me Parties to help Seniors go to Prom. We gave them a complete make over from head to toe. Special thanks to Cinderella's Closet, Becca's Closet, Paula Clayton- Make-up Artist, Majestic Photos Marcus Rodgers- Photographer, Sherelle Rodgers Nail Tech-Imagine Me Parties and last but not least Ebony Hamilton for Styling.
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